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Resilience in a Time of War

Resilience in a Time of War

War affects each of us differently, and we all have an individual and unique way of dealing with stressful situations in a time of war. Building resilience can help us manage stress and feelings of anxiety and uncertainty related to war.

For a Healthy Mind and Body...

For a Healthy Mind and Body...
Talk to a Psychologist

Cold and flu season...the holidays around the corner...back to school and work. There's a lot to be stressed about at this time of year, but it helps to know how your mind and your body can work to support each other.

APA is being joined by many organizations in focusing on mind/body health.

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Approximately 18.8 million American adults have depression. (National Institutes of Mental Health)

Mind/Body Health: Interactive Articles & Information

Holiday Blues That Linger Could Be a Warning Sign of Depression

It's OK to feel less than jolly about the holidays, psychologists say. But blah feelings lasting after the New Year could mean something more serious.

Stressed about Money this Holiday Season?

Financial concerns remain top stressors for Americans heading into holidays

Identifying Signs of Stress in Your Children and Teens

Tuning into emotional or behavioral cues is important in identifying potential problems and working with your young person to provide guidance and support to successfully work through difficult times. Here are some tips from the American Psychological Association (APA) on ways to recognize possible signs of stress.

Stress Won’t Go Away? Maybe You Are Suffering from Chronic Stress

Chronic stress--constant and persistant stress over an extended period of time--can be debilitating and overwhelming. Improving lifestyle and making better behavior choices are essential steps toward reducing stress and increasing overall health. APA offers the following tips to address chronic stress.

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